Other products

Our product range of special wires

Selectarc has a wide range of special products from its own manufacturing process dedicated to the transformation of metal wires

Braking and breaking wire

Braking wire and breaking wire are ready to use and are mainly used for braking nuts in the aeronautical and automotive industries to ensure the safety of mechanical assemblies.

Tying wire

Tying wire is mainly used for the attachment of parts in pickling baths.

  • Aluminum alloys

Wire and metallizing powder

Metallization wire and powder are consumables that allow us to respond to the corrosion and wear of a part. In fact, metallization consists of reconstituting a shape by adding and projecting metal wire or powder.

Thermal spraying

"Thermal spaying is an industrial process used in surface treatment by adding material by a dry method. It consists of projecting a material, generally in the form of wire or powder at high temperature and high speed onto a substrate (surface of the part to be coated), generally metal, using a carrier gas, to form a coating.This coating, also known as a "layer" or "deposit", serves to functionalize the surface, i.e. to modify its physical or chemical properties (with regard to corrosion, thermal fatigue, wear, friction, reactivity, etc.). It can also have an aesthetic function."

Thermal spaying — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

Other special wires

  • Piano wire
  • Tinned wire
  • Annealed wire
  • Special bars and profiles (aluminum bar)